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Details about the data:

These figures represent the three-quarter averages for student workload and instructor FTE in the years shown.

The workload ratio is calculated as student workload divided by instructor FTE. To be included in this view before 2021-22, classes must have had at least one student enrolled and a valid instructor of record assigned to the course. In 2022-23+, all classes are included. 

MFA Writing courses at UCR Palm Desert are excluded.

Departments and organizations are attributed according to which department paid the instructor for years before 2021-22. For 2021-22+, the same logic applies when a valid instructor is listed. When instructor is missing or invalid for 2021-22+ (e.g., the listed instructor did not have an active UCR appointment when they were listed), the department and organization are attributed based on the course subject. 

Starting in 2021-22, Honors courses are split out into their own organization regardless of who taught them. 

To view teaching assistant FTE, it is necessary to look at both credit-bearing and non-credit-bearing sections because most TA appointments are not in credit-bearing sections. The IR office is able to provide further analysis of TA contact hours and other ratios on request. 

For more information about these definitions, consult the IR Data Dictionary

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